About Us

Youth for Refugee Advocacy works to create global citizenship among¬†first world youth by presenting them with the information and resources necessary to help refugees in their community. We believe that each young person has unique talents and virtues to impart which are unbelievably valuable. As phenomenal as these talents may be though, they are trivial if they aren’t used to¬† help those in need. By developing one’s talents and passions in volunteer work, one not only practices and enhances that skill, but is also enriched as a human being.

In first world countries, it is often difficult to empathize with the tragedies of far away refugee crises, because they just seem so distant. In reality, displaced and affected people are all around us, and these issues are more human than you may think. We believe that it is crucial to demonstrate the real consequences of the refugee crises in order to create a sense of global unity and awareness among the next generation, so that geographic distance won’t reduce the value of human life.

To engage young people with the refugees in their society, YRA works as a mediator between the youth and the refugees by giving talks and conferences in middle schools, high schools, and colleges which:
1.Inform students about the refugee crisis
2.Humanize refugees through use of real testimony
3.Empower students to recognize their personal talents and how that could be applied to refugees
4.Present them with information about the refugees in their communities and what initiatives are in place or can be started through YRA to help them

Through YRA, students are given the information and resources necessary to participate in different volunteer initiatives or start their own with YRA’s help and oversight.